Post Office in Tokyo/Akihabara


Akihabara UDX Post Office Basic information


1F Akihabara-UDX Bldg

4-14-1 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku

Info Line/Contact centre(In English):0570-046-111 Call charges payable



○Postal services

Weekdays 9:00〜17:00 / Saturday, Sundays and public holidays Close

○Postal savings services and Insurance services

Weekdays 9:00〜16:00  /  Saturday, Sundays and public holidays  Close


Weekdays 7:00〜23:00 / Saturday 8:00〜23:00 / Sundays and public holidays  8:00〜21:00

International ATM Service(Withdrawals for cards issued abroad※1)←Japan Post Bank HP
※1 VISA,American Express,MasterCard ・・・and so on

【English Page(External link)】Japan post Japan post bankJapan post Insurance 



Traffic Access

○The station nearest to the site

・JR Akihabara Station Electric town Exit→It's about a 2 minute walk

※Electric town Exit=電気街口(Denki-gai  Exit)

Tokyo Metro(subways) Akihabara Station 3 minutes on foot

・Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station→It's about a 4 minute walk

For those coming by car,bas・・・and so on


○Surrounding area

Akihabara Electric Town ┃ Anime,Manga,and Game Goods Shop

◆External link-All English Page

Akihabara Town Guide←Akihabara Electrical Town HP

Guide Maps for Major Stations (Akihabara Station)←JR-EAST HP

◆Japanese Version Only Page


Akihabara UDX HP

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